Produce It. Protect It.

Food and fibre education for Victorian primary schools.

This project is a collaboration between Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) and the Victorian Farmers Federation. The project supports teaching and learning of the food and fibre curriculum through: VIC Farmer Time, Free Incursions, and Professional Development and Curriculum Consultation.

Latest learning resources and pre-recorded VIC Farmer Time sessions.


Check out our latest resources and accompanying pre-recorded VIC Farmer Time sessions.


15 Minute Farmer Time- Dairy Every Day (F-2)

Designed for years F-2 this hands-on interactive resource guides students through a series of online games, video lessons and downloadable activities to engage learners of all abilities in food and fibre education.
Students will hear from Farmers Brenton and Steve from Gippsland Jersey to explore the features and needs of cows on a dairy farm. Students will have the opportunity to apply their design skills when creating their own paper plate dairy cow and develop an understanding of the many products made from cows milk.



Tools and Technology Over Time (Years 3-4)


During this interactive unit, students have the opportunity to hear from Farmer Hugh Macague about life on a broad acre cropping farm and changes to technology in the agricultural industry over time.  Students will explore the ways innovations in technology have improved the productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainably of food and fibre production in Australia. Students will have the opportunity to apply science inquiry skills to pose questions, make observations, collect data and use hands on materials to create their own rain gauge.

Students will gain an insight into the exciting world of robotics in agriculture before designing their own robot to solve a concern in agriculture today.

Incursion Program

The free Produce It. Protect It. incursion program provides fully resourced, inquiry-based lessons that encourage problem-solving and collaboration between students. Multidisciplinary activities include: curriculum targeted experiments; building prototypes; exploring different enterprises; hands-on learning with food and fibre samples; and, using literacy materials centred on Agriculture and Design Thinking challenges.


We work with schools to tailor incursions to support specific outcomes and priorities, ensuring that our time with your students is relevant and an engaging learning experience.


Please send all incursion enquiries to the Victorian Education Officer:

Jayne Johns

Who We Are

Produce It. Protect It. Education Officer Jayne Johns is an experienced teacher with a passion for promoting Agriculture and developing hands-on resources that engage students in Food and Fibre education.  Jayne works closely with PIEFA member organisations, Victorian educators and PIEFA staff to create impactful, exciting resources and learning experiences to bring food and fibre into classrooms throughout Victoria.

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom offers online resources which can be utilised by students within the classroom or during remote learning to explore food and fibre through multimodal activities.

Activities with the 15 Minute Farmer Time symbol are part of our featured 15 Minute Farmer Time series and provide students with the opportunity to hear first-hand from Victorian farmers to learn all about how our food and fibre is produced.

Curriculum Resources

Curriculum aligned units of work and pre-recorded VIC Farmer Time sessions.

Foundation-year 2 resources

Foundation-Year Two


Years Three and Four


Years Five and Six

VIC Farmer Time




The VIC Farmer Time program creates engaging and interactive food and fibre learning experiences by connecting classrooms with selected primary producers across Victoria.

Industry Resources

To further engage your students in Food and Fibre education, Primezone and Primezone Academy offer an extensive range of resources, digital courses and professional development options…etc etc




Primezone Academy


Other Resources

Professional Development and Curriculum Consultation

Guidance on materials and learning opportunities that complement units of work or individual lesson plans can be provided by Education Officers. There are a variety of resources available to support and effectively develop programs within schools. Education Officers can provide consultation for teachers – within schools or online – to highlight activities appropriate to a school’s curriculum. Online courses will be available for teacher professional development throughout the year and can be accessed through Primezone Academy when available.

Contact the Produce It. Protect It. team.

This project is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, through funding from the Australian Government’s Educating Kids About Agriculture Initiative.