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Welcome to the Produce It. Protect It. Virtual Classroom!


The Virtual Classroom offers online resources which can be utilised by students within the classroom or during remote learning to explore food and fibre through multimodal activities.


Activities with the 15 Minute Farmer Time symbol are part of our featured 15 Minute Farmer Time series and provide students with the opportunity to hear first-hand from Victorian farmers to learn all about how our food and fibre is produced.

This Month’s 15 Minute Farmer Time:

Similar and Different:


Designed for Years 3 and 4 students, this resource explores the external features of living things on a farm, and how variation between breeds of plants and animals is important for different types of food and fibre production.


Students have the opportunity to hear first-hand from a Victorian producer about life on her farm, and the variation between her different breeds of sheep, before applying their understanding to a range of engaging response tasks.