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Creepy Crawlies and Crop Production

Activity One: Wonderful Wheat.


Grains are the seeds that grow on certain types of grass.


These special seeds are different to other types of grass seeds because we can eat them, and use them to make lots of the tasty products that we use in our daily lives such as oats for porridge or wheat for bread.


Watch the video to learn about the journey wheat takes from paddock to plate.

Activity Two: Wheat- The Journey From Paddock to Plate.

Draw pictures to match each of the stages of the journey from paddock to plate.

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Activity Three: Farmer Profile.

Click on one of the buttons below to read or listen to Farmer Erin’s profile.

Activity Four: VIC Farmer Time.

Watch the VIC Farmer Time session to learn all about beneficial (helpful) insects on farms. As you watch, listen out for the different insects and the ways Farmer Erin encourages them on her farm.

VIC Farmer Time: Creepy Crawlies and Crop Production.

Activity Five: Making a Paper Plate Lady Bug


Did you know lady bugs are one of a farmers favourite insect?

Lady Bugs or Lady Birds help farmers by eating smaller harmful insects such as aphids who damage crops by eating them.

Follow the Instructions to make your own Paper Plate Lady Bug.

Activity Six: Beneficial Insects Scavenger Hunt.


Click on the button to download the Scavenger Hunt Template. Visit your garden to complete the scavenger hunt.


Colour each of the insects that you can see helping the garden grow.


Activity Seven: Making a Bug Hotel.


Follow the video instructions to create a bug hotel to encourage more beneficial insects to visit your garden, veggie patch or school yard.