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Seasons on the Farm

Activity One: A Year On Our Farm.

Listen to the story by Penny Matthews and Andrew McLean. Listen out for the different jobs the farmers perform in each season to care for the plants and animals on the farm.

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Activity Two: Text Response.



First: Watch the video instructions.


Then: Click the button to access the worksheet about the story.

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Activity Two: Paper Plate Sheep Craft.



Click on the video below and follow the instructions to create your own Paper Plate Sheep. If you don’t have a paper plate, use different materials from around your house or classroom to create your own sheeptacular creation.

Activity Three: Farmer Profile.

Click on the button below to read the Farmer Erin’s Profile. You can Listen to the Farmer Profile by clicking on the video next to these instructions.

Farmer Profile.
VIC Farmer Time: Seasons on the Farm with Farmer Erin.

Activity Four: VIC Farmer Time.



Watch the VIC Farmer Time session. As you watch Farmer Erin’s video, listen out for the different tasks she performs in each season.

Activity Five: Experimenting with Seeds.


Watch the video about experimenting with temperature and seed germination. Follow the instructions to conduct your own experiment with seeds and temperature.

Experiimenting wiith Seeds.