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Physical Features in the Environment

Activity One: What if there was no day or night? Concept Cartoon.

Brainstorm and record your ideas to the questions.

Activity Two: Concept Cartoon.

Click on the tab to discover three characters who are thinking about what might happen if there was no day or night within their thought bubble fill in your ideas about what they might be thinking.

Activity Three: What if…

Click on the What if… tab. Here you will find the ideas of the Produce It. Protect It. Team about what we think these characters might be thinking about the question ‘What if there was no day and night?’. Compare our answers to your answers and see if they are similar or different.

Activity Four: Draw Your Own.

Click on the Draw tab. In this activity you need to design three of your very own characters and share their ideas about what they think might happen if there was no day and night.

Activity Five: Farmer Profile.

This is Farmer Paul. He lives near Fish Creek, Victoria. Paul needs to know about the physical features on his farm so that he can care for and manage his animals and plants in the best possible way.  Click on the Farmer Profile tab to read the information about Farmer Paul before watching the VIC Farmer Time video.

Activity Six: VIC Farmer Time.

Watch Farmer Paul’s VIC Farmer Time video. Look and listen for how he manages his animals through the seasons to ensure that the physical conditions in the environment don’t negatively impact his production.

VIC Farmer Time: Physical Features in the Environment with Farmer Paul.

Activity Seven: VIC Farmer Time Response.

After watching the video answer the questions about the physical features of Farmer Paul’s farm.

Extension Task: Planning an Investigation.

Follow the audio instructions to complete this extension challenge.