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Marvellous Mushrooms

Activity One: Farmer Profile.

Click on one of the buttons below to read or listen to Farmer Georgia’s profile.

Activity Two: VIC Farmer Time.

Watch the Vic Farmer Time Session. As you watch Farmer Georgia’s Video, listen out for the special features of the mushrooms grown at Bulla Park. What kind of conditions do Farmer Georgia’s mushrooms need to grow? 

VIC Farmer Time: Mushroom Production with Farmer Georgia.

Activity Three: Complete the sentences.

Use the word bank below to fill in the missing words and complete the sentences about mushroom production.

Activity Four: Label the External Features.

Drag the labels to identify each of the features of the Agaricus mushroom.

Activity Five: Making a Spore Print.


Watch the video instructions to create your own spore print.


Fun Fact: Different mushrooms produce different coloured spores.

Activity Six: The Life Cycle of a Mushroom.


Drag and drop the images to order the stages of the life cycle of a mushroom.


Fun Fact: Mushroom spores grow long white threads called hyphae. Male and female hyphae must join together for mycelium threads to begin to gown.

Activity Seven: Sustainable Packaging Design Challenge.

Farmer Georgia uses 100% biodegradable and sustainable packaging for her mushrooms.

Click on the button to download the design challenge activity sheet.

Design your own packaging for Farmer Georgia to use for her mushrooms. Consider the kinds of materials you will need to use to ensure it is sustainable (recyclable and/or biodegradable). Your packaging should be able to hold 180 grams of weight and should protect the mushrooms from being damaged or going bad too quickly. Your design should also be eye catching to encourage consumers to buy the delicious, organic mushrooms. Label the materials used for your packaging. Check out the Bulla Park mushroom packaging for ideas.

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For more exciting resources check out the Australia Mushroom Growers Association.