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Home Groovy Greens and Cool Cauliflowers – The Amazing World of Vegetable Production

Groovy Greens and Cool Cauliflowers - The Amazing World of Vegetable Production

Activity One: Farmer Profile.

Click on one of the buttons below to read or listen to Farmer Catherine’s profile.

Activity Two: VIC Farmer Time.

Watch the Vic Farmer Time Session. As you watch Farmer Catherines Video, listen out for the types of vegetables she grows. Listen carefully to hear about some of the challenging aspects of growing vegetables on a farm.

Then: Answer the questions on the Video Comprehension  Activity Worksheet about Farmer Catherines Video.

VIC Farmer Time: Vegetable Production with Farmer Catherine

Activity Three: Vegetable Dissection- The Features of Fruits and Vegetables 

Click on the video to follow the instructions on how to dissect fruit and vegetables to examine their features.


Then, print the dissection worksheet to record and draw your observations as you complete your own vegetable dissection.

Activity Four: The Life Cycle of a Bean Plant.

First, watch the time lapse video of a bean seed germinating into a bean plant

Then, click on the drag and drop activity, to order the pictures of a bean plant as it goes through 6 different growth stages.

Activity Five: Horticulture Portraits.

Design your own Horticulture Portrait using fruits and vegetables! Draw your masterpiece on the printable worksheet, or take a photo of your work!

Activity Six: Vegetable Grouping Flip Card Game.

Print and cut out the Vegetable Grouping Flip Card Game tiles sheet. Flip the tiles one by one, trying to match the vegetable picture with its name. You can play this as a memory game on your own, or with friends.