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From Forest to Fibre

Activity One: Forester Profile.

Click on the button below to read Forester Kent’s profile.

Activity Two: VIC Forester Time.

Watch the VIC Forester Time Session to learn about a day in the life of a forester, the journey timber makes from forest to fibre, and the awesome ways wood is being used as an alternative to less sustainable materials.

VIC Forester Time: Sustainable Forestry with Forester Kent

Activity Three: Create a Forest to Fibre Flowchart.

Use the stimulus pictures provided to create a flowchart of the journey timber takes from forest to fibre. Include a short description of each stage of the supply chain.

You may wish to use the template provided or use an online platform such as Canva to create your flowchart.


Check out the example of a flowchart showing the process of wool processing by clicking on the button below.


Wool processing. (n.d.). [online] Available at: 

ssed 9/2/22)

Activity Four: Materials from Trees.

Timber and other materials from trees are used to make many items used in our daily lives. Materials from trees are popular materials for design as they are natural, renewable resources and are durable. 


Create a list of all of the products used in your every day life that are made from trees. This could include products made from the leaves, wood, pulp, branches or sap from trees.

Activity Five: Designing a Sustainable Toy.


Watch the video instructions to design and create your own sustainable toy using different materials from trees.


Download the Design Template below to generate your ideas.

Activity Six: Odd One Out.


Observe the three images in the picture.


Record your answer to the following questions in your workbook and share your ideas with a partner:


What can you notice about each of the leaves?

Which of these images is the odd one out?

Why do you think it does not belong?


Did your partner select a different ‘odd’ image to you? If yes, why?

Activity Seven: Transpiration Experiment.


Follow the video instructions to complete the transpiration experiment. Record your findings in the observation sheet below.