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Features and Fun on the Farm Incursion

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we will not be facilitating incursions until further notice.


Lesson One: Features and Needs on the Farm


Throughout this lesson, students will have the opportunity to hear from a Victorian farmer about the operations that occur on her egg farm, highlighting the features of the animals and the ways that food is selected, prepared safely and hygienically for distribution to consumers. Through sensory learning experiences, students will develop a greater understanding of the different fibres used in daily life and the features of the plants or animals that produce them. Students will learn about the way that chickens grow and change and will apply their design skills when creating a craft egg carton chicken.

Lesson Two: Growing and Changing on the Farm

(VCSSU043, VCDSTC015, VCSSU041, VCSSU042, VCSIS050, VCSIS051, VCSIS055, VCMMG079, VCELY174, VCELY210, VCELY244).

Students will gain an understanding of how farm animals can grow and change over time and the needs of these animals as they grow. Students will specifically learn about the growth of sheep and their subsequent needs through multimedia clips, hands-on engagement and modelling tasks. Students will engage with an interactive text, design their own ‘funny farm animal’ and suggest the characteristics and needs of their new animals. Students will also have the opportunity to listen to literacy material centred on the growing and changing of a special Alpaca.