Farmer Time

Learn From A Farmer

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Eggcellent Egg Production

Activity One: Farmer Profile.

Click on one of the buttons below to read or listen to the information in Farmer Danyel’s profile.

VIC Farmer Time: Egg Production with Farmer Danyel.

Activity Two: VIC Farmer Time.



Watch the VIC Farmer Time session. As you watch Farmer Danyel’s video, listen out for the different ways she cares for her chickens.

Activity Three: The Features of Chickens.


Watch the video about the special features of chickens. Follow along with the actions as you watch.

The Features of Chickens.

Activity Four: Egg Carton Chicken Craft.



Click on the video below to watch the video and follow the instructions to create your own Egg Carton Chicken. If you don’t have an egg carton, use different materials from around your house or classroom to create your own crafty chicken.

Activity Five: Ordering the Life Cycle of a Chicken.


First: Watch the video of chicks hatching.



Then: Click on the button below to drag and drop the pictures to order the different stages of a chicken’s life.

Baby Chicks Hatching.