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Activity One: Farmer Profile.

Click on one of the buttons below to read or listen to Farmer Brenton’s profile.

Activity Two: VIC Farmer Time.

Watch the Vic Farmer Time Session. As you watch Farmer Brenton’s Video, listen out for the different features of his cows. Listen carefully to hear how Farmer Brenton and Farmer Steve care for the cows on their farm.

VIC Farmer Time: Dairy Production with Farmer Brenton and Farmer Steve.

Activity Three: Making a Paper Plate Cow.

Follow the video instructions to make your own paper plate cow.

Activity Four: Label the External Features.

Drag the labels to identify each of the features of the dairy cow.

Activity Five: Sorting the Features and Needs of a Cow.

The Features of a cow are the special parts that make it different to other animals and help it survive.



The Needs of a cow are the things a cow needs to be healthy and happy.


Drag and drop the words and pictures into the correct category.

Activity Six: How Do Dairy Farmers Care for their Cows?


Click on the button to download the worksheet. As you watch the video, tick the boxes to show what dairy cows need to be healthy. Then, draw and label some of the ways dairy farmers keep cows happy and relaxed so that they can produce milk.




Activity Seven: Dairy Production Quiz.


Select the correct answer to each of the multiple choice questions.

Activity Eight: Complete the sentences.

Use the word bank below to fill in the missing words and complete the sentences about dairy production.